VIDEO: Hillary Clinton wonders if there’s “any reason” for further Benghazi inquiry

By Neal McNamara | May 8, 2014
Robin roberts hillary clinton

If ever there was a reason to keep digging on Benghazi, it’s this this video of Hillary Clinton expressing her great satisfaction with how the matter has already been investigated.

In an interview at the Ford Foundation with ABC News’ Robin Roberts, Clinton said that she doesn’t “believe there’s any reason for a [new Congressional Benghazi investigation].”

Because, you know, what difference does it make?

“Of course there are a lot of reasons why, despite all of the hearings, all of the information that’s provided, some choose not to be satisfied and choose to continue to move forward. That’s their choice. And I do not believe there’s any reason for it to continue in this way, but they get to call the shots in Congress,” Clinton told Roberts.


In the video, Roberts backs down on Benghazi after that remark from Clinton. No mention of the Obama administration’s refusal to release documents, no questions about the latest emails that show a contrived campaign to whitewash the Obama administration’s failures in keeping the embassy safe.

Clinton’s willingness to gloss over of a major attack against U.S. interests comes after revelations that she refused in 2011 to designate the Nigerian Boko Haram Islamic extremists as a terror group.

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