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A Washington native, David Boze was raised in the Stanwood area. Prior to working in radio, David was a research analyst for the Evergreen Freedom Foundation. When not on the air, he can frequently be found hunting in the Cascade foothills.

David on protests:
In light of May Day and Baltimore, David talks about how damaging protests can be.
9:23 5/1/15
Dave's May Day Rant
Clearly, someone is looking forward to tonight.
0:57 5/1/15
Hour 1, David Boze Morning Show, 5-1-15
"May Day" is here and Dave has concerns about the ability of SPD to cope, May Day demonstrations in Seattle to include support for Baltimore protests, Surprise: Jeb Bush is running for president, Wolf killed by vehicle on I-90, Rain-soaked Seattle has the nation's highest water bills, Dave discusses minimum wage
36:18 5/1/15
Hour 2, David Boze Morning Show, 5-1-15
Baltimore protests to be acknowledged by May Day demonstrations, Black Panther chairman says even though they pay taxes a racist war has been declared on them, Baltimore councilman says don't blame democrats for urban problems, Obama administration will not allow states to ask for proof of citizenship on voter registration form, Supreme Court tells legislature to keep working on education plan, Baltimore police officers to be charged in Freddy Gray arrest and death
39:24 5/1/15
Hour 3, David Boze Morning Show, 5-1-15
Dave continues to discus the evolving Freddy Gray story out of Baltimore, UW faculty prepares to walk out over "micro-aggresion", Dave updates the Troy Kelley probe, Russell Wilson upgrades a soldier's flight to first class, There's a new way to detect the possibility of a person developing cancer, Nigerian army rescues 160 women and girls
39:36 5/1/15
Hour 1, David Boze Morning Show, 4-30-15
Dave has a recap of the KTTH Freedom Series Debate held last night, There are new allegations that Freddie Grey tried to hurt himself after being arrested, "Thug" is now the new "n" word, Secret donors to the Clinton foundation have been discovered, Washington lawmaker facing ethics violations will resign, Concerns that a new pesticide to be used on oysters will kill shrimp, Fat takes a hit with FDA approved injection, Teachers in Washington are walking off the job because they think the additional education money in proposed budget is not enough
38:55 4/30/15
Hour 2, David Boze Morning Show, 4-30-15
Baltimore protests result in a new "n" word, Grey family attorney says conservatives don't want to help black kids, Half those arrested in riot have been released with no charges filed, Hillary praises GM plant just one year after massive donation to her foundation, Players think Chambers Bay is a "farce" according to one pro, Gender bias issue could push Chief Justice Roberts into ruling in favor of gay marriage
39:27 4/30/15
Hour 3, David Boze Morning Show, 4-30-15
May Day demonstrations and protest in solidarity with Baltimore, Freddy Grey may have tried to hurt himself, Dave talks about Obama's response to Baltimore, Hillary's proposed overhaul of the criminal justice system, Dave addresses a listener e-mail not happy with his comments on teachers
38:49 4/30/15
Boze Feature: Special guest Congressman Dave Reichert
Boze and Reichert discuss the ongoing events in Baltimore.
12:10 4/29/15
Hour 1, David Boze Morning Show, 4-29-15
Dave talks about the local chapter of the NAACP and leader Gerald Hankerson calling Tukwila school leaders racists, Baltimore recap and check-in with mom who slaps her rioting son, Obama has not visited Baltimore, Baltimore mayor continues to try to explain "space to destroy" comment, Bernie Sanders plans to announce a run for president, Inslee signs family notification law for police gun returns, SDOT and SPD acknowledge problems in the way they handled the SR 99 fish truck crash, It doesn't even smell like poo!!! A ride on the Bristol bus powered by human waste, Dave talks about upcoming SCOTUS decision on gay marriage
37:18 4/29/15
Hour 2, David Boze Morning Show, 4-29-15
Dave talks with Congressman Reichert on law enforcement riot control, Al Sharpton is wrong when he says conservatives don't care about Grey, NAACP confronts Tukwila school board, Killer tries to carve "666" into his forehead but carves "999", Student sits on library steps nearly naked to show she's "not a sexual object", Florida woman films parole officer raping her during home visit, Bernie Sanders is going to announce a run for president
38:33 4/29/15
Hour 3, David Boze Morning Show, 4-29-15
NAACP says the Tukwila school district isn't doing enough to hire teachers of color, Thurston Couty shooting hero, Dave recaps comment made by Congressman Reichert earlier about Seattle and Baltimore having almost the same population
38:55 4/29/15
Sexy Politics with the Policy Stud, Paul Guppy
The Washington Policy Center's Paul Guppy spices up politics in Olympia.
9:12 4/28/15
Hour 1, David Boze Morning Show, 4-28-15
Mayor of Baltimore calls in the National Guard and backs off statement made yesterday about allowing protesters "space to destroy", Josh Earnest comments on White House refusal to call Americans "unjustly detained", Student's account of Issaquah school shooting, Professor sends porn to students and is mad that they forwarded it, Texas A&M professor flunks entire class, Dave thinks CBS should be held accountable for smearing Family Research Council
37:24 4/28/15
Hour 2, David Boze Morning Show, 4-28-15
Dave talks with John Woodrow-Cox of the Washington Post about Baltimore riots, Rachel Maddow says the police are "a little out of control"?, State is asking for more time for lawmakers to comply wityh McCleary funding order, Tempe is weighing ban on smoking in your car while children are present, Star Trek actress Alice Eve branded "bigot" over Jenner comments, More info piles onto questionable Clinton Foundation funds
37:43 4/28/15
Hour 3, David Boze Morning Show, 4-28-15
Paul Guppy of the Washington Policy Center talks Sexy Politics with Dave and says Republicans love voting against new taxes, Dave comments on MSNBC's Eric Dyson refering to police as terrorists, Dave says CBS should be held accountable for Face the Nation smearing the Family Research Council as "anti gay",
37:52 4/28/15
Amy Parodi, World Vision
World Vision's Amy Parodi tells us how we can help Nepal
8:10 4/27/15
Hour 1, David Boze Morning Show, 4-27-15
Dave talks about White House Correspondents Dinner jokes and how the media is too friendly with officials, Baltimore Mayor giving out-of-control protesters room to "exercise free speech.", Obama jokes about Hillary enduring tough times going from making millions of dollars to living in a van in Iowa, Rand Paul says limit the term of congress or nothing will change, Gov. Jay Inslee signed the Homeless Youth Prevention Act into law Friday, Bruce Jenner says he's a woman- Also says he's a conservative and has never cared for Obama, Update on the 7th grader with cancer, kicked out of school for missing too many days, Dave explains how Obama = Reagan
37:33 4/27/15
Hour 2, David Boze Morning Show, 4-27-15
Sweets by Melissa, a bakery in Oregon who refused to serve a gay couple, had their gofundme shut down by the website, Dave rants more about the Tacoma Marina increase in safety percautions, John Heilemann, NY Magazine, says Clinton's "violated spirit of Barack Obama's Presidency", Man claims he concocted story of Harry Reid getting beat up to test media, Protesters rally in Seattle against Shell oil rig, Church scraps people vs. pigs wrestling event after outcry, Mean letter left for Afghan war vet on car, World Vision and Nepal Earthquake recap
39:07 4/27/15
Hour 3, David Boze Morning Show, 4-27-15
Breaking News: Active shooter near Thurston High School apprehended, Media sucks up to President Obama at Correspondents' Dinner, Obama says he doesn't have a bucket list, Dave talks with spokesperson from World Vision about needs in Nepal after quake, Gay Cruz Support, Sweets by Melissa and gay wedding cake controversy, Bruce Jenner is a woman (and a conservative), Baltimore mayor actually says she had to leave "room for destruction" in the city, Dave has a reminder about KTTH Freedom Series
37:36 4/27/15
Boze: Bruce Jenner is a woman, and a conservative
Boze thinks that the politically left won't respond well now that it is known that Bruce Jenner is a conservative.
3:14 4/27/15
Hour 1, David Boze Morning Show, 4-24-15
The Clinton tie to Russia, Tacoma Tribune blames marina for deaths of people driving into boat launch, Hillary blasts business like Hobby Lobby, Inslee calls for special legislature session, NE Patriots visit the White House, Boy suspended from school for questionable creativity in asking his girl to the prom, Woman's headache turns out to be her twin, Dave talks to Dr. Meena Bose about Clinton-Russia scandal
38:47 4/24/15
Hour 2, David Boze Morning Show, 4-24-15
Lynch confirmed as new Attorney General, Obama says he's been talking about income inequality "before it was cool", Hillary likens unequal pay for women to sexual assault, Frat boy spits on wounded vet, Young girl forbidden to read on school bus
39:38 4/24/15
Hour 3, David Boze Morning Show, 4-24-15
Democrats say they won't accept primary results, Clintons are tied to Russia in yet another scandal, Josh Earnest is on the defensive...again, Tacoma News Tribune blames marina for accidents
40:05 4/24/15
You can't drive 75
AM 770 KTTH's David Boze discusses the strike down of a bill that would have raised speed limits.
2:07 4/23/15
Hour 1, David Boze Morning Show, 4-23-15
Earth Day celebration aftermath, Kennewick police officer resigns, Obama: "our parks are your birthright as an American", Sen. McCain says Rand Paul is a bad choice for president, 8-yr-old writes a letter to Michelle Obama and he's not happy, Review panel says the Seattle waterfront tunnel project will be completed on time and within budget, Inslee vetoes 75mph bill, Hillary has tax problems and also a flip-flop on same-sex marriage
38:45 4/23/15
Hour 2, David Boze Morning Show, 4-23-15
Dave updates teacher strikes, Kennewick police officer resigns, Michael Brown's family files wrongful death suit, Seventeen Magazine pushes transgender and amnesty, Judge orders NY buses to run "Kill Jews" ad, Tacoma boat launch being called deadly..Dave doesn't think so, Seattle tackles drug deals and disorder downtown
38:27 4/23/15
Hour 3, David Boze Morning Show, 4-23-15
Obama offers apologies to families of captives accidentally killed in attack on terrorists, There are more Pasco shooting details, Hillary has huge tax problems, Woman wants to be on the Tonight Show, Baltimore preacher says there's "a hunting season on black men across America", Seattle is tackling drug deals and disorder in the downtown core
38:43 4/23/15
Jami Lund, Senior Policy Analyst at the Freedom Foundation
Jami Lund, Senior Policy Analyst at the Freedom Foundation, on the teacher strikes
11:37 4/22/15
Todd Myers, Environmental Director at The Washington Policy Center
Todd Myers, author of Eco-Fads, gives us a 2015 Earth Day update
10:24 4/22/15