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Movie review: 'Minions' has no emotion
Medved says he will be very surprised if 'Minions' replicates the success of previous Despicable Me films.
5:18 7/10/15
Michael Medved announces he's cancer-free
Michael Medved announces he's cancer-free
1:49 6/3/15
Michael Medved talks with Gov. Pataki about his run for president
Michael Medved talks with Gov. Pataki about his run for president
13:48 5/29/15
Michael Medved reviews San Andreas
Michael Medved reviews "San Andreas," a disaster movie about major earthquakes hitting California.
3:55 5/29/15
Jeb Bush on the 2016 presidential election
Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush joins Michael Medved in studio to talk about his potential candidacy in the 2016 presidential election.
20:49 4/21/15
Medved gives an update
Michael Medved joins the show to update listeners on his health
4:34 4/9/15
Michael Medved's personal note to his radio family
Michael Medved shared a personal note to his radio family. Please join KTTH as we send our thoughts and prayers for a full, speedy recovery and a very quick return to the airwaves.
19:38 1/30/15
'The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies' is a flat-out triumph
Michael Medved reviews the latest film in "The Hobbit" series, "The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies."
4:01 12/17/14
Former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin defends her call to impeach President Obama
16:14 7/28/14
U.S. Sen. John McCain warns of U.S.-Iran partnership
McCain tells Medved that working with Iran would give Tehran undue influence across the Middle East.
10:54 6/16/14
Michael Medved talks to Sen. Rick Santorum
Rick Santorum talks to Medved about his new book "Blue Collar Conservatives: Recommitting to an America That Works."
26:26 4/30/14
Michael Medved talks to Texas Gov. Rick Perry
Famed Texas Gov. Rick Perry talks frankly to Michael Medved about his presidential plans and snagging Toyota from California
10:58 4/29/14
Medved's Conspiracy Day Part 1
The day after the full 'blood moon,' Michael Medved holds his latest 'conspiracy day' broadcast
60:00 4/16/14
Medved's Conspiracy Day Part 2
The day after the full 'blood moon,' Michael Medved holds his latest 'conspiracy day' broadcast
60:00 4/16/14
Medved's Conspiracy Day Part 3
The day after the full 'blood moon,' Michael Medved holds his latest 'conspiracy day' broadcast
60:00 4/16/14
Michael Medved interviews Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal
Bobby Jindal tells Michael Medved about his Obamacare alternative, and how conservatives can take back the White House
25:27 4/10/14
Michael Medved interviews hip hop mogul Russell Simmons
Medved interview Simmons about meditation, religion, veganism, and whether Simmons has ever supported a Republican.
17:21 3/25/14
Michael Medved interviews Senator Rand Paul
Medved discusses domestic spying, Edward Snowden, and the U.S. military with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.
10:27 3/12/14
John McCain on the Ukraine crisis
KTTH host Michael Medved talks to Arizona Senator John McCain about the escalating crisis in Ukraine, and what the U.S. should do about it.
9:40 3/5/14
Michael Medved interviews columnist Dr. Charles Krauthammer
Medved welcomes conservative icon Dr. Charles Krauthammer to talk about Crimea, the size of the U.S. military, and possible Republican nominees for president in 2016.
19:09 3/3/14
Rep. Paul Ryan says new government and policies will lift the economy
Despite dire news from the Congressional Budget Office, Rep. Paul Ryan says the economy can improve
12:54 3/3/14
America: getting more liberal and more dumb?
Michael Medved explores evidence that America is getting more liberal and dumber. Is there a connection?
9:16 2/20/14
Medved takes on Matthews over racism claim
MSNBC's Chris Matthews yet again cries that conservatives hate Obama because of his race. Medved fires back.
5:49 2/10/14
Medved interviews Marco Rubio
Rubio talks to Medved about Obama's State of the Union speech, new income inequality policies, and the state of the Republican Party
10:02 1/30/14
Medved interviews John McCain
John McCain talks about being called a 'liberal,' foreign policy, income inequality - and his dislike for the Seattle Seahawks
18:28 1/28/14
Worst movies of 2013 with Medved and Jeffrey Lyons
Find out Lyons and Medved's picks for the worst of 2013
4:30 1/6/14
Medved on Obama's welcoming of racy film into the White House
Why did Obama accept a new sex-and-drug filled anti-Wall Street film into the White House?
3:22 12/20/13
Medved on Ryan primary poll numbers
Ryan already polling superbly 2 years before Iowa presidential primary
24:46 12/17/13
End of shutdown: "Sad collapse that didn't have to happen"
Michael Medved laments the failed GOP shutdown strategy and the stupidity that ensued
16:44 10/16/13
CNN's Erin Burnett Benghazi Documentary Critical of U.S.
Erin Burnett's CNN documentary "The truth about Benghazi: An OutFront special investigation" exposes some missteps by the Obama administration over Benghazi.
10:49 8/7/13