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Dr. Lee Yardley

September 28, 2013 - Hour: 1

Originally aired: Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dr. Yardley describes restless leg syndrome, the cause and how to possibly address the cause naturally. He discusses a case history of a patient that had cancer and how having her compromised brain body connection restored was part of her natural approach to beat the cancer. He talks about shoulder, arm and hand issues and how restoring a compromised brain body connection may be a natural natural approach to go to the cause of the problem. Larry, a long time patient at the Yardley Institute talks about how he experienced life changing results after having his brain body connection restored. He can now ride his motorcycle and enjoy life again. Vickie describes how she had seen other practitioners for years with little success. She was looking for someone to help her with vertigo and the treatment would not include drugs. After having her compromised brain body connection restored she says she does not feel or look her age. She goes horseback riding and works on her farm both of which she had not been able to do for years. David talks about how he was experiencing severe head pain for many years and is now better after having his compromised brain body connection restored.

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