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Ben Shapiro

3pm - 6pm

Dr. Lee Yardley

February 23, 2014 - Hour: 1

Originally aired: Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dr. Yardley talks about how the Yardley Institute is a health science institute not a longevity institute. The Yardley Institute is concerned with improving the quality of ones life rather than just extending ones life. He discusses MS and a cases that saw improvement after her compromised brain body connection was restored. He talks about how restoring the brain body connection can normalize the body chemistry and how a patient with liver disease responded. Larry, a long time patient with low back pain for 5 years , no energy, indigestion. fatigue, and depression describes how his life changed after his brain body connection was restored. He describes how he feels he has had life changing improvements. He can ride motor cycles again and enjoy life. Richard was able to stop his cortisone shots to his knees, right shoulder after his compromised brain body connection was restored. His range of motion in his neck has increased. He was going to have surgery on his right shoulder and now it does not look like he will have to. At 79 he is still running his business and seeing Dr. Yardley has made it possible for him to function which he was not able to do before. Michael describes how after seeing Dr. Yardley and having his compromised brain body connection restored his quality of life has improved. as his energy and passion for life, work and music is back.

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